Logo Design and Branding


A logo is an emblem or symbol used by many companies and organizations to distinguish themselves from the rest of the flock. A great logo design is one that promotes instant recognition and evokes unique perception among the audience.

A logo may be purely graphical, typeface or a combination of both. One example of a graphical logo is the logo of the Red Cross. It is a red cross on a white background and it is symbolic of the organization it represents, literally and figuratively. On the other end, an example of a typeface logo is that of IBM and McDonald’s. You can hardly miss out on those when you seem them.

Your logo design must be given careful thought because it is an important part of your branding strategy. A logo derives meaning from what it symbolizes, and naturally you would want your logo to take up the meaning of outstanding, excellent, and superior.

It is best that the branding strategy be determined and planned first before you even think about logo design. The logo remains meaningless and useless unless it is linked to a strong branding strategy with an effective advertising message and backed by an excellent product or service.

You are ready to embark on the process of logo design when you have set your goals and values clearly. You also need to be clear about the message you like to convey through your logo and other branding elements. It helps a lot if your brand and your logo have a close and strong association with each other.

In addition, your logo design must be professionally done so that you evoke the perception of professionalism and commitment towards excellence, which is foremost evident in your products and services. Finally, make sure that your logo is something that will last many generations. It must be timeless in appeal because what you seek is long-term branding and positioning.

When you already have clearly established your company values and goals, as well as the message you want to convey to your audience, then you are set to start the process of logo design.

Always remember, a successful branding strategy almost always requires an effective logo. With a well-though-out branding strategy ready, you can be confident to begin the designing of your logo and other branding elements. You know how best to differentiate yourself from competition and how to use your logo to implement your branding strategy for your advantage.